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Check out Sydney's website for a demo and more info.



Every member of Club Liaison gets an access to:

  • an ad-free single-page website that can be tailored to one's needs;
  • a private encrypted message system for communicating with visitors to their website.

Club Liaison also manages:

  • a rating system for meetings between companions & suitors or libertine people;
  • a highly efficient search engine for companions & libertine people who have a Club Liaison website;
  • highly efficient Atom feeds for companion's & libertine's websites.

These services are provided based on trust relationship between Club Liaison's members and are thus not guaranteed to be available for everyone.

For more information about how Club Liaison works and what it can provide, you can review our philosophy and privacy policy.


Creating a website on Club Liaison can be done free of charge. Club Liaison is financed by voluntary donations from its members.


Club Liaison is operated from Canada. Websites are hosted on canadian servers. All canadian laws are respected.


Members of Club Liaison MUST NOT use their account to:

  • violate a canadian law including, but not limited to, not advertising:
  • harm the hardware or software of Club Liaison;
  • harm the reputation of Club Liaison.
Get a Website
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